Jonathan Boyd

DON’T Learn Lead Guitar Until You Read This

Do you wish you could just pick up your guitar and play lead up and down the neck… But you just can’t “put it all together”… there’s something you’re missing… or “gasp”… you secretly fear you may not have enough going on upstairs to grasp it? Don’t worry, it’s not … Read more

How To Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Like Music

Here’s something you’ve probably wondered about… Why is it that some guitar players can make the guitar sound so good you can’t get enough… While others (maybe even you) sound like…well…someone trying to play guitar? When you “get” what I’ll be sharing with you today, it will be one of … Read more

How The Pros Make It Look So Easy Even On Their Worst Nights

Would you like to know the simple strategy your favorite guitarists use to “wow” you with breath-taking solos, great songs, and amazing performances time after time… …all while making it look effortless? In just a sec, I’ll let you in on their “little secret”, and a little later I’ll explain why the … Read more