Jonathan Boyd

How Pullups Make You a Better Guitarist

It’s not the pullups themselves that will make you a better player… Instead, it’s a concept from pullup-specific training that applies directly to becoming a great guitarist. So here’s how I figured it out: A buddy of mine, Jared, was explaining how he helped people increase their pullups when he … Read more

How to turn scales into guitar solos

Someone recently asked me (and I’m paraphrasing)… “I’ve learned all the patterns, but I still sound robotic. It just sounds like I’m playing scales and not soloing. How do I get past this?” Now, this is a question most players have when they hit this phase… But just know this … Read more

DON’T Learn Lead Guitar Until You Read This

Do you wish you could just pick up your guitar and play lead up and down the neck… But you just can’t “put it all together”… there’s something you’re missing… or “gasp”… you secretly fear you may not have enough going on upstairs to grasp it? Don’t worry, it’s not … Read more