Does Music Theory Limit Your Creativity?

So you want to be more creative on guitar…

…Don’t you?

We all do.

And we’ve all probably heard someone say “I don’t want to learn music theory because it’ll limit my creativity.”


Is it true?

Does learning music theory limit your creativity?

As someone who has experienced “both sides” of the coin, here are some questions for you to think about:

Does learning how to drive a particular type of car limit the “style” of car you can drive or “un-limit” it?

Does learning painting techniques limit your ability to be creative with your painting or enhance it?

Does learning how the games of tennis or baseball work limit your chances of winning or improve them?

Do learning sentence structure and grammar inhibit your ability to communicate or increase it?

Does learning new words limit your capacity to express ideas or expand it?

Does learning algebra limit your ability to solve real life problems?

Does learning arithmetic hinder your ability to balance a checkbook?

So tell me…

Do you think learning music theory limits your creativity?

What do you think?

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