How Pullups Make You a Better Guitarist

It’s not the pullups themselves that will make you a better player…

Instead, it’s a concept from pullup-specific training that applies directly to becoming a great guitarist.

So here’s how I figured it out:

A buddy of mine, Jared, was explaining how he helped people increase their pullups when he was a personal trainer.

You see, when he had someone who was training for a specific event where pullups were necessary (military fitness tests and such)…

Instead of merely working on pullups during their sessions…

He would make his client get a pullup bar at home, and everytime they passed the bar, they’d have to do one set of pullups til failure.

What this did was help his client’s body get used to higher reps of pullups — even if it was a few small sets throughout the day versus a couple big sets in the gym. 

Just by doing more pullups throughout the day, the client naturally increased their reps over time. And it happened organically… without the client having to focus on building the strength..

After all, if you do more pullups, your strength increases. This was just a “low-friction” way to get his clients to do more pullups.

Well, when he was explaining this concept to me, it clicked with something I teach called “the 2 minute practice session.”

In the same way doing more pullups builds pullup strength over time…

Doing small practice sessions every day accumulates a SERIOUS amount of practice time without thinking about it. Even if it’s just 2 minutes here and there, it’s obviously better than nothing if you can’t schedule a full blown practice session.

But if you have a full practice session AND a few 2-minute sessions? Then you’re really cooking with fire!

So try and find those little moments in the day where you can pick up your guitar — even for a few minutes — and play.

It won’t be long before all that time accumulates and you’re playing licks you didn’t even realize you could!

That’s all for today.

Talk soon,
Jonathan “Guitar Fitness Instructor” Boyd

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