Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Subject: Is guitar a young man’s game? My honest opinion…

Last week I sent a message asking for your #1 biggest guitar question…

And I got a response from a fellow subscriber, Roland.

His biggest question?

“I’m 58. Am I too old for this?”

Now, while it’s a simple “yes or no” question on the surface…

I wanted to expand on the topic of “guitar being a young man’s game”.

After all, it’s easy to go on youtube and see youngsters, as little as 10 years old shredding on their guitar. Kids playing like they came out of the womb understanding how to sweep pick. It’s insane. And honestly, it might seem frustrating sometimes to see kids with so few years of playing just seem to get it.

So to an onlooker — someone who might be in their 50’s, dabbling in guitar for a few decades, who has stiff fingers and can’t quite hit the chords with speed or precision — it can sometimes feel like “What’s the point? I guess I’m too old.”

But as I always say…

At the end of the day, it comes down to focusing on what you want YOUR music to be. 

Which can be whatever you want it to be — because it’s your music.

If you want it to be a 200bpm sweep picking shred solo… it can be.

If you want it to be a series of crazy, inverted 9th minor jazz chords… it can be.

If you want it to simply be mastery of open chords so you can strum along with your favorite tracks… it can be.

It simply comes down to focus — following a proven path to get where you wanna go — through combination of finger exercises and step-by-step instructions.

Because focus transcends age.

So no…

58 is NOT too old.

Neither is 68, 78, 88, or 98.

Next time you’re on youtube, check out a lady named Wanda Huckabee. There’s a video from a few years back of her playing as an 85 year old great grandmother — strumming her heart out on the guitar. It’s honestly inspiring. I think you’ll enjoy it.

She proves no matter what finger, hand, or joints issues you face (if any)… or how many years you’ve been struggling to get everything to “click”…

You’re NEVER too old to focus now

And play exactly how you want to play.

Jonathan Boyd

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