Can Playing Guitar Help Reduce Risks For Dementia?

Playing an instrument lowers risk of common age-related brain problems.

Almost everyone has wanted to strum a guitar, just once. Whether you’re in the car and hear it on the radio, or standing in the crowd of your favorite band, guitars are everywhere. But how much do we really know about playing one?

Playing an instrument has been shown to lower the risk of common age-related brain problems. A recent study1 done in Sweden found that people who played a musical instrument had a reduced risk of dementia and cognitive decline, even when taking into account other factors like education level, socioeconomic status or physical activity.

The findings suggest that playing music can have long-term benefits for our brains as we get older, from promoting neuron growth to improving memory function.
We all know how important it is to stay active and do things we enjoy throughout life in order to reduce stress and increase longevity. Playing an instrument is one more way to be healthy while having fun!

Pretty cool, right?

The question is, why does it work so well to fend off brain aging?

Well, think about it… 

Not only does playing use your vision, hearing, touch, and fine movement patterns. But It also stimulates a powerful emotional response in your brain too. And all of that together can “result in long-lasting changes in how your brain functions”.

Which means you feel, act, and think younger just by having some fun on the guitar.

It’s similar to 2 people the same age, but one of them takes daily walks and the other is bedridden. Naturally, all things equal, the person taking daily walks is going to seem years (if not decades) younger because they’re using their body instead of letting it sit dormant.

Guitar trains (and strengthens) your brain in the same way walking does to your body.

So just know, the MORE you pick up your guitar…

The younger your brain gets!
As if you needed another reason to pick up your guitar today. ;)

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