Simple Guitar Fretboard Chart

A guitar fretboard chart is useful for memorizing the locations and shapes of frets on an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. Guitarists can use this information as a guide for where to place their fingers when playing different chords, scales, intervals, inversions, and arpeggios in any given key.

Learning how your guitar neck works will bring you one step closer to mastery but it is also one of the main reasons guitar players never truly break through.

Trying to memorize guitar theory, scales, and the guitar fretboard becomes an obstacle for most.

The more you learn about guitar theory and scales, the less it will help. I’ve seen this happen time after time – a guitarist studies for years to try and master the guitar fretboard only to find that all of their hard work is useless because they’re not playing in front of people often enough.

They spend time learning every not on a guitar fretboard but don’t know what to do with it. Yes, it can be helpful knowing where all the G’s are on the guitar neck but can you play guitar by feel?

The scale knowledge doesn’t translate into really understanding he to use your instrument or feeling inspired by what you play.

Learning the notes on the guitar fretboard doesn’t teach you how to play the music that’s inside of you.

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Free online guitar course. guitar fretboard chart for beginners

guitar fretboard diagram

Grab your guitar and a metronome and go to town

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