Discovering the Seven Feelings: A Deep Dive into Musical Modes

Have you ever pondered the mysterious world of musical modes and wondered about the concept of the “7 feelings”? It’s an intriguing question that sparks curiosity in many musicians. In this article, we’ll explore the idea of these feelings and how they relate to modes, using the example of playing guitar.

Picture yourself strumming a single note on your guitar. Alone, this note produces merely a sound, devoid of any distinct emotion. However, when you juxtapose two or more notes, an interesting phenomenon occurs—a feeling emerges, borne from the contrast between the pitches.

Each combination of notes evokes a unique sensation, a subtle shift in emotion that’s difficult to describe but impossible to ignore. To truly grasp this concept, we must venture down the rabbit hole of musical theory.

In major and minor keys, there are seven distinct notes. Individually, they possess no inherent emotion. Yet, when played simultaneously or in succession, they create contrasting feelings due to the pitch distances between them. It’s as if some hidden alchemy transforms these simple sounds into powerful emotional experiences.

Imagine playing an E major scale on your guitar. As you move across the neck, plucking notes from the scale, you’ll notice the distinct emotional contrasts generated by different combinations. These seven combinations produce the enigmatic “7 feelings.”

Remarkably, as you become more familiar with the emotional landscape of each feeling, you can begin to harness their power in your playing. No longer do you need to think of specific notes; instead, you can focus on evoking the desired emotion by instinctively playing the right note combination.

This intuitive approach is how professional musicians seemingly make magic on stage, eyes closed, fully immersed in their performance. They have internalized the seven feelings and use them as a guiding force, effortlessly translating their emotions into beautiful music.

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