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Discover How The “7 Feelings” Open Up A Whole New World, Where You Can Finally Play Freely Without Thinking

Why Is Breakthrough Guitar Different?

Let’s face it, most guitar lessons out there are confusing, boring, or overwhelming. Especially when books advance too quickly, videos have conflicting advice, and “guitar gurus” go too fast, talk too much, or just play to show off. Heck, even the thought is frustrating, right?

No matter what you’ve been led to believe about what it takes to become a good guitar player, the truth is, you DON’T have to study music theory until “one day” it will “hopefully” all come together (it won’t). And it doesn’t matter whether you have “natural talent”, what size or shape your fingers are (even if they’re stiff), or what your age is.

That’s because, all humans already have the natural ability to “hear” the sounds that FEEL good to them. And if you can tell the difference between songs you like and songs you don’t like, then YOU already have this ability.

When you discover how to harness the “7 feelings”, a whole new world will open up for you, where you can play and express yourself freely – without having to think about it

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Discover How ONE Simple Pattern Lets You Play Up And Down The Neck In Any Key Without Thinking

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Discover How The “7 Feelings” Open Up A Whole New World, Where You Sound Good Over Any Song, Without Thinking

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