5 Signs You’re Better Than You Think At Guitar

“I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school, and I just have to pick myself up and tell myself that I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be.” In the words of Lady Gaga, multiple Award winners, including Grammy Awards as well. 

Sometimes, just like Lady Gaga, you might also have doubts and negative self-talk about your music; we understand you. Or you might want to know if you are heading in the right direction or not with your guitar lessons. For this reason, we bring you ‘5 Signs You’re Better Than You Think at Your Guitar.’

Read till the end and spot that inner genius within you. Because we know you got it!

And stick around if you want a secret tip to mark your progress easily. 


#5 ‘You Feel it Inside’

If you push the first domino, the one at the very last is bound to fall; this is called Action and reaction principle. Similarly, if you got your practice right, you are bound to see results whether you self-sabotage or don’t believe in yourself. 

One of the best signs that you are doing it right is by knowing it inside. Maybe you want to accept it or maybe not, but you definitely can sense the good results. Just ask any top athlete or high achiever; they’ll talk about the ball hitting their bat just in the right spot or their ideas really generating great profits. What I am trying to say is, they feel that control and can sense success very well down the road.  

Do not underestimate your gut feeling and your senses because if you remove all preconceived notions and memory, what you got is plain consciousness. So next time, sit and sense your guitar playing; if you feel it right, then you know you are doing good.

#4, ‘You are On Demand’

If the last gig you performed wants you back on their stage, then know that you are doing something right. Just think about it, you played your Guitar, i.e., did your job, earned your money, and returned, right? If you were not good, then why would you get called back?

Even if you are getting new gigs with your Guitar, this shows you are on the right path. The Guitar you play at a wedding, restaurant or party, plays an essential role for the organizers, and they won’t call anyone back if they don’t get value for money. So the signs are pretty clear if you are getting deals. 

On the other hand, many people start with a lot of enthusiasm to earn and play to an audience, but the truth is… they won’t be called back, and no one’s going to say it up on their face that they need to improve. So, take your calls as a sign. 

#3, ‘People Associate You with Being a Guitar Player’

What comes to your mind when I say Michael Jackson, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi? Dance, Boxing, Fight for Justice, most probably?

This tells us that we connect human beings with their works. Name one personality whom we know and not what we know them for. Even if there’s an internet meme guy, we know him for his ability to make us laugh, right? When people start associating you with someone who stays around Guitar or plays well, that talks about your skills. 

And soon, if your friend’s friend recalls you as the ‘Guitar guy’ or the music class teacher mentions you as that ‘Guitar guy’, know that you have played well for them to associate you with your Guitar. So, go ahead, Guitar-guy!

Hang around as we will drop that great tip to measure your improvement easily!

#2, ‘You Get Praise Without Really Meaning to Get it’

You’re sitting at a park bench playing the Guitar all by yourself just for fun, but suddenly someone walks up and passes you a compliment. If you get praises or heads turn hearing your fingers move over the strings, that means people are genuinely interested in your playing. 

On the other hand, calling to get attention or trying hard to get noticed clearly doesn’t look good and begging for it tells that you are relying on other people rather than relying on your skills. 

Sometimes it’s also good to go outside and play. This will increase your confidence, expose you to nature, get you praises and feedback, and who knows, someone might start knowing you as that ‘Park Guitar guy.’


Okay, so here’s that special tip. 

A great yet simple way of knowing your progress on Guitar is in your pocket. Yes. Pick up your mobile phone and record yourself while playing, and then six to twelve months down the line, re-check the recording to compare your progress. 

This sounds simple but is a gem of advice. Many people don’t understand the power of recording or journaling. But when you stumble across your year-old journal or video, you sure will be amazed. It’s like re-visiting your past through your old albums. Just do it and thank us later. 


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#1, a sign that you are way better than you think is, ‘You Wake Up Excited To Play Guitar’

Yes, excitement. Just think about the hundreds of people who just hate their jobs or the ones who regret not taking chances. All they lack is excitement and thus follows the regrets and frustration. 

We humans crave excitement and happiness. If you got that fire burning inside and wake up every day excited about your Guitar, that means you are way better than many experts who are excellent yet have lost their spark. 

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or an expert; if you want to know you are progressing or not… staying excited is what matters. And you know what? This excitement will lead to repeating your practices, and what do we always say in our posts? Repetition is the key to greatness. 

So, keep that child within alive!

Practise is the key to perfection, which in turn is the key to looking professional on stage. Do you know what else makes a guitarist look professional on stage? Learning your music and performing it all from memory. 

Before our Number One on the list, here are some Honourable signs that you are better than you think on your Guitar – 

  1. You’ve moved past simply mimicking your idols and have developed your own style. This is tremendous progress and a sign of your skillset.
  2. People say they enjoy working on music with you, and this doesn’t come without you being good at your Guitar.
  3. You have mastered your mindset. 
  4. You learn from your mistakes. 

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Thanks for Reading!


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