10 Day Guitar Speed Challenge: Get WILD SPEED with These 5 Tips – Rotem Sivan

Hey guitar players, Rotem Sivan here. Do you dream of playing lightning fast runs and licks on your guitar? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to massively increase your speed in just 10 days with the right approach.

I’ve spent years refining my technique and I want to share my top 5 tips with you. If you commit to practicing these concepts for the next 10 days, I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the results. Let’s dive in!

Tip 1: Focused Bursts of Speed on Guitar

A lot of people say you need to play slow to play fast. While there’s some truth to that, it’s not the whole story. One of the keys to rapid progress is actually pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone with bursts of speed. This helps create plasticity in your brain and lays the foundation for faster playing.

Now, I’m not saying to just play sloppy and out of control. But by attempting to play faster than you’re comfortable, you force your brain and fingers to adapt. Contrast these bursts of speed with your regular controlled practice for the best results.

Tip 2: Controlled, In-Time Practice

On the flip side, you absolutely need to practice with control and precision. The best way to do this is by using a metronome and focusing on playing clean and in-time at various subdivisions, starting slow and gradually increasing the tempo.

I suggest starting with quarter notes at a slow tempo like 60bpm. Really lock into the groove and make sure every note is clear and intentional. Then try eighth notes, then sixteenth notes. The goal is to maintain control and proper technique even when playing slow. This builds the foundation for speed.

Tip 3: Finger Strength and Dexterity Exercises for Guitar

Having independent, strong fingers is crucial for playing fast. Here are a few exercises I do to build finger strength and dexterity:

Piano-Style Finger Independence

  • Place your hand on a flat surface and practice lifting each finger independently
  • Focus on keeping the other fingers still and isolating the movement
  • Also practice keeping your fingers curved and activating only the knuckles

Fretting Hand Strength

  • Practice pushing down on the strings with each fretting hand finger
  • Concentrate on pushing down firmly and evenly across the strings
  • Repeat with different finger combinations and across all strings

Incorporating these exercises into your practice routine, even for just a few minutes a day, can make a big difference in your finger strength and control.

Tip 4: Mastering Legato Technique for Guitar

Legato is an essential skill for playing fast and smooth lines. Here are my tips for mastering legato:

Focus on even volume and tone: When practicing hammer-ons and pull-offs, make sure each note is clear and consistent in volume. This takes slow, focused practice.

Use your fingers like “mini-picks”: Imagine your fretting hand fingers are like tiny picks articulating each note. This visualization helps you play more intentionally and improves the clarity of each note.

Practice with a metronome: Just like with regular picking, practice your legato runs with a metronome at various tempos and subdivisions. Start slow and focus on precision, then gradually increase the tempo.

Apply across the fretboard: Don’t just practice legato in one position. Work it across all the strings and in different areas of the neck. Challenge yourself with wide stretches and position shifts.

Aim to practice legato daily and you’ll see major improvements in your speed and fluidity.

Tip 5: Locking in Timing at Various Tempos

One of the biggest hurdles in playing fast is being able to mentally hear and articulate the subdivisions at high tempos. That’s why it’s so important to practice locking in your timing at a wide range of tempos, both extremely slow and extremely fast.

Start by taking a simple phrase or lick and practice it with a metronome at a comfortable tempo. Really focus on playing it tight and in the pocket. Then bump up the tempo a few bpm and try to maintain that precision. Keep pushing the tempo in small increments, constantly checking in with your internal sense of timing.

Then take it way down to an extremely slow tempo. See if you can still feel and articulate the phrase clearly. Gradually work back up, always focusing on timing and clarity.

This process helps engrain the phrase in your mind and fingers at all tempos, so you can call on it when you need to play fast. Apply this concept to your improvisations and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to play fast lines fluidly and accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I practice these exercises each day?

Aim for at least 10-15 minutes on each concept daily. Consistency is key. Some days you may have more time, but even a little focused practice each day adds up over time.

Can I expect to see results in just 10 days?

Absolutely, you’ll see noticeable improvements in your speed and control in just 10 days if you practice diligently. However, this is really just the beginning. Continue with these exercises long-term for the best results.

What if I hit a plateau or feel stuck?

Plateaus are normal and happen to every guitarist at some point. If you feel stuck, try mixing up your practice routine. Focus extra time on your weak areas. And don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone regularly. That’s how you break through barriers.

Building lightning fast guitar speed is absolutely possible with focused, consistent practice. If you apply these 5 tips daily, I promise you’ll be shredding faster than you thought possible in no time.

I invite you to take the 10 day challenge and see for yourself. Commit to at least 10 minutes of focused practice on each concept for the next 10 days. Keep a practice log to track your progress. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

I’d love to hear about your results, so drop a comment and let me know how it’s going. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck and happy shredding!

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See you guys soon! Peace Out

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