These 4 “Upgrades” To Help You Progress Faster On Guitar

4 Guitar Tips To Speed Up Your Guitar Playing

Have you ever seen a car race on TV? Like a NASCAR race, drag race, or rally car race? Obviously the “race” cars aren’t average, everyday cars.

They’re all “souped-up” and designed to go fast.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you showed up to a NASCAR or Indy race in a Toyota Corolla?

Aside from getting a good laugh…

No matter how hard you mashed the accelerator into the floor, you wouldn’t even have the slightest chance of winning the race.

A Corolla just isn’t equipped to go that fast.

So what could you do to your car to make it faster and more “race-able”?

Well, certain modifications – like painting the car – would just be a waste of time. So would painting it a different color. Neither of these modifications will help you go any faster.

But there are certain “leverage points” — a few key components you can change which make a HUGE difference in performance.

For instance, you could throw a big engine in there so you could go much faster. A turbo V-8 vs. the Corolla’s standard 4 cylinder engine.

You could change the suspension so you could navigate the turns at those faster speeds.

And you could also change the brakes so you’d be able to stop faster.

With each of these upgrades, what you’re actually doing is increasing your car’s “potential” to perform better.

Pretty obvious when it comes to cars, right? Maybe so.

But what about when you’re playing guitar?

Are there “modifications” you can make to improve your ability to play your guitar faster and more precise — so you’re performing with a turbo V-8 and not a 4 cylinder?


Funny enough though, it has nothing to do with your guitar to increase your guitar speed…

It’s not “changing your strings”, or “lowering the action”. Sure, those things can help once you’re at a certain point. But if you don’t make these 4 upgrades first, the other things won’t magically make you play better and faster. They may make you play easier… but is playing a sloppy solo, easier, actually any better?

I’d say no.

Instead, what you want to upgrade is your:

  • Hand position
  • Finger strength
  • Thumb placement
  • And picking technique

The interesting thing is, most players rarely think about these things. They assume this stuff will work itself out.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What actually happens when players ignore these 4 things is, they unknowingly end up stuck in their “old beat up Corolla”…

…Complaining that it doesn’t go faster, turn sharper, or stop quicker – no matter how hard they push it.

They just think they have a “defective vehicle.” (Something wrong with THEM).

And what’s even crazier is they keep trying to push that “old beat up vehicle” to do what they want it to do…

…Which is the VERY THING that keeps them from getting better. 

So make sure these 4 things are corrected ASAP, and you’ll feel like you’re “racing with a whole new vehicle” — a much more powerful vehicle that can take corners faster, accelerate better, and can handle beautifully.

Jonathan Boyd

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