The Fastest Path To Playing Guitar The Way You Always Wanted

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My wife and I just got home from a lumber store near where we live:

And the fiasco that happened while we were there brought up a great guitar lesson that will help your guitar playing for the rest of your days.

You see, we’re doing a project in our house.

And we thought we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to accomplish.

But when we got to the store, we quickly realized how many details we didn’t even know we were missing.

And we got overwhelmed trying to figure it all out.

As a result, we wasted nearly FOUR hours in the store…

And still aren’t sure if we got everything we need.

So we’ll likely have to go back again (and waste even more time).

A Well Laid Out Plan For Guitar Learning

Now, the reason I’m telling you this is because most guitar players don’t make the progress they want for the same reasons.

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with them, personally.

It’s simply that they don’t know what guitar information they’re missing.

And they don’t have a well-laid out, detailed plan of how to get from where they are to where they want to go.

You see, having THAT (just like having a blueprint for any construction project):

Is the fastest path to playing guitar the way you always wanted.

And even though it’s inevitable for you to achieve your guitar playing goals when you simply take the right steps, in the right order…

The Roadmap For Learning Guitar

I’ve found that the problem for most guitar players is that they simply don’t know exactly WHAT they should be doing, and in what order, to play guitar the way they dream of – even though it IS possible and attainable.

In essence, they don’t have a “roadmap” that tells them all the right turns, and when to take them.

And that’s why I created the “Accomplished Program.”

A proven “roadmap” that takes any guitar player from where they are, to becoming an accomplished, well-rounded guitarist – no matter where they start.

There are 2 main components you need to develop and balance in order to become a great player:

Navigation of the Guitar and Application of Guitar Skills

Navigation skills are what let’s you move freely around the fretboard and know what you’re doing.

Application skills let you play songs and solos, write, compose, and improvise, and sound musical and expressive with soul and style.

And when you follow the steps in the order I’ve already laid them out for you:

It progressively enables you to play whatever you want on guitar.

It’s kind of like a GPS. It takes you exactly where you want to go.

And that’s because I’ve already done all the hard work of putting it all together FOR YOU, so all you have to do is follow the simple action steps in each module.

Speaking of which, there are already 53 modules available to you instantly right now.

And you also get 2 new courses every single month – one for Navigation, and one for Application.

All 53 modules that are already inside the Accomplished program add up to a whopping 4,853 if taken individually.

And that’s not even including the 2,400 worth of additional new courses you get each year.

The Accomplished program will be 997 when it’s available to the public.

But because I am releasing this “all-in-one” package privately right now, I want to do something special for anyone who wants to take me up on it:

Until Sunday night, you can get $600 OFF the retail amount of Lifetime access to the Accomplished program which includes every Navigation and Application course we’ve ever created (and ever will create in the future).

That way, you have a literal roadmap – a proven, step-by-step blueprint to become the guitar player you’ve always dreamed of being.

The best part?

When you become a Lifetime Member today, there are no monthly or yearly fees.

Just instant, permanent access to all courses inside the Accomplished program, and all courses that become available in the future.

I’m opening up this special enrollment period until the end of this week because it’s not yet available to the public, and we are about to add more courses – which means the price will go up the more courses are added.

Once this special enrollment period closes, enrollment will instantly go to the normal amount of 997. And just to be clear, it will continue to increase as I add more courses, as I mentioned.

Needless to say, it will likely never be this low again.

So right now is your chance to lock in a very low one-time discount before the price goes up (and get the new courses too – a double win).

You can secure your special discount and unlimited Lifetime Access to the Accomplished Program for just $397 today during this special enrollment period right here:

>> Click here to secure your lifetime access to the Accomplished Program for this special one-time discount (just $397 today)

Talk soon,

P.S. – If you want all the details, or you aren’t sure if the Accomplished program is a fit for you yet, I’ve put together a page including all of the details of this one-of-a-kind program showing you what’s included, several success stories of students, and answers to the most common questions:

You can see all the details for the Accomplished Program – as well as additional enrollment options – here:

>> Click here to get all the details about the Accomplished Program – and additional Enrollment options

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