Is Breakthrough Guitar any good? Here are what others are saying…

Your system really unlocked the modes for me! I have tried to learn those for years and approaching them as a pattern instead of a bunch of scales was the trick. Brilliant! – Christine Cannavo
breakthrough guitar review testimonial from facebook
Is breakthrough guitar legitimate?
Dwayne A – “I literally came to tears when it all clicked.”
“Played some basic acoustic guitar many years ago. Now retired, going at it again nd learned a great deal through the Guitar Freedom Formula.”
Rick Brown
"I can play along with any song I hear. That's not bragging: It's the truth!" - Jeff G.
My story is probably very familiar to you. Long-time guitar player with no formal training until now. I still have my Pan guitar circa 1960s that I’m restoring. Longtime strummer but last few years working on my picking skills. Extent of my gigging is family/friends gatherings. So my ‘pay’ might be barbecued steak not bad!! Your course is what I have been missing all these years- confidence and knowledge on how to expand my skills to the entire fretboard. It just clicked for me. I can’t thank you enough Jonathan! Cheers – Kent
breakthrough guitar review testimonial from facebook
This course really helped me on not just play like a robot. It helped me on how to talk and understand the music itself, what i want to say about it. – Diego Romero Serrano
"You're like a new breed of guitar instructor" - Rene S.
breakthrough guitar review testimonial from facebook
I have a BREAKTHROUGH!!!! - Jeff G
Learning to improvise and feel stuck on not playing the wrong notes – Daniel Brathwaite