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The Guitar Practice Lie

Does Practice Make Perfect? The other day I was browsing a popular guitar forum. And I came across a post where the author gave such a bad piece of advice that it made me physically shake my head… It was just so wrong. The crazy thing is though… This advice … Read more

Does Music Theory Limit Your Creativity?

So you want to be more creative on guitar… …Don’t you? We all do. And we’ve all probably heard someone say “I don’t want to learn music theory because it’ll limit my creativity.” So… Is it true? Does learning music theory limit your creativity? As someone who has experienced “both … Read more

How To Actually Turn “Scales” Into “Solos”

Someone recently asked me (and I’m paraphrasing)… “I’ve learned all the patterns, but I still sound robotic. It just sounds like I’m playing scales and not soloing. How do I get past this?” Now, this is a question most players have when they hit this phase… But just know this … Read more

Speed Doesn’t Make A Great Guitarist… This does

speed doesn’t make a great guitarist — THIS does  Why do some people play a million notes, but you tune them out… While others play just a few, yet you can’t get enough? It’s an interesting question. And it always makes me think of B.B. King. Because, while B.B. was definitely … Read more