How To Make Guitar Playing Feel “Effortless” With One Easy Tweak

how changing your strings can help your guitar playing

Want to know a super simple way to make your guitar playing feel almost effortless?

It’s one little change you can make to your guitar that makes all the difference in the world for some players.

In fact, even some of the greats swear by this tip.

Like Eddie Van Halen, and even the guys from ZZ Top.

Alright, enough teasing…

So what is this “magical” change to make playing easier?

Simply change your strings to a lighter gauge.

(And if you’ve heard that thicker strings give you a better tone, you’re right. But the truth is, your fingers, your pick, and the sound of your amp far FAR outweigh the difference your strings make.)

How does changing my strings help my guitar playing?

Lighter gauges make it easier on your fingers to press down. Which makes fretting easier (helpful if you have trouble with barre chords). They also bend easier and further — giving your fingers a nice little break compared to heavier gauges.

As I said, Eddie swore by light gauge strings — as he played with 8 or 9 gauge. Which is why he could perform those insane note bends.

In fact, I play 8’s myself, and I’m never going back.

And the guys from ZZ Top? Well, they went even lighter than Eddie. They used a 7 gauge set of strings! And while some people might say you can’t have a heavy tone with lite gauges, I think ZZ Top would disagree. ;)

So, what kind of strings should I play to make my playing easier? Lighter is the answer. So next time you’re shopping for a set of strings, pick up a set that’s a little lighter than what you’re used to and see how they feel. You don’t have to go all the way down to 7 or 8 to feel smoother, easier playing. Just find what’s right for you.

Oh yeah, have you tried light gauge strings — like 7-9 gauges? If not, what do you typically play with? Comment Below and let me know!

That’s all for today.

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