How The Pros Make Guitar Looks So Easy: Busting Myths and Tips from the Pros

Aspiring guitar players often find themselves marveling at how effortlessly the pros play. Struggling with chords, chord changes, and even just a few notes can be frustrating. It’s time to debunk some of the most common myths that have been around for years.

Natural talent is one such myth. It’s nothing more than a label that those who don’t understand how something works attach to individuals who are gifted or skilled at something.

Scientific Proof For Learning Guitar Better

If you want scientific proof, Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code, is a good read. The most important thing to remember is that the universe operates on physics – the law of cause and effect.

Playing the same things over and over won’t make you better. Instead, it will only lead to frustration and quitting. But, playing the right way will make you better. The law of cause and effect makes it impossible not to improve.

Myth: Not Everyone Can Be A Good Guitar Player

Another myth is that not everyone can become a good guitar player. That’s simply not true. Anyone can become a good guitar player; it’s as simple as that.

Every guitar player in history had to learn how to make their fingers do the right things on the fretboard. It’s possible to learn it too, even if it takes time.

Myth: Your Finger Must Be Perfect To Be Good At Guitar

The myth that your fingers must be perfect is also false. Athletes train to improve their performance, and professional guitar players train their fingers to play better. They work on their fingers to be able to play complicated chords and riffs.

So, if you have an injury or imperfection, don’t let it stop you from playing. You can still train your fingers and improve your playing.

Skip Guitar Theory and discover how to play guitar by feel today

Two Finger Guitar Player and Arm-less Guitar Player

To gain inspiration, consider Django Reinhardt, an excellent jazz player who had only two fingers. Or Mark Goffeney, who played guitar with his toes, even though he had no arms. These examples show that you can learn to play guitar even if you believe you have limitations.

How The Pros Make Guitar So Easy

So, how do the pros make guitar playing look so effortless? It’s simple: they practice. They work on their skills every day until they become proficient. They learn how to play songs correctly, making them look and sound easy. To improve your guitar playing, practice regularly and focus on learning the proper techniques. Over time, you’ll see significant improvements in your playing.

In conclusion, natural talent is a myth, and anyone can become a good guitar player with enough practice and dedication. Don’t let imperfections or injuries hold you back. Focus on training your fingers and learning the proper techniques, and you’ll see significant improvements in your playing. With consistent practice, you can make playing guitar look and feel effortless, just like the pros.

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