Change Your Guitar To Play Better? Does that really work?

Does changing your guitar help you play better? Or should I just keep practicing on the guitar that I’ve always had?

The other day, I saw fellow Breakthrough Guitarist, Shawn, post this message in the Supergroup:

“I wanted to take a minute and thank Jonathan Boyd for the introduction to the Strandberg guitar. Prior to receiving my Strandberg, I was struggling just to get in 20 minutes of practice in before my shoulders, wrists and hands would get so sore I couldn’t continue. I would have to wait hours and hours to be able to play again. I suppose the upside to that is I found some really good stretching exercises that help with fatigue. Anyway, I’ve had so many breakthroughs in the past few weeks, I’m really amazed. Having the ability to be able to practice, play for hours, has done so much for me. A month ago I was looking at giving up, but today I’m looking at moving forward to more breakthroughs. Thank you Jonathan Boyd and Thank You Ola Strandberg.”

You read that right…

Something as simple as changing his guitar made all the difference for Shawn. Where before he could barely practice because of pain…

Now he’s playing for hours.

If you deal with pain in your hand, wrist, arm, etc… I highly recommend checking out the Strandberg guitar. It could be as big of a game changer for you as it was for me, Shawn, and tons of others who chimed in via the Supergroup about their experience with the guitar.

Oh yeah, this isn’t a sponsored article for them. I just love the brand. In fact, I stopped building customs when I discovered Strandberg, because it had just about everything I was looking for already.

For reference, I cover that story — plus the features and design of my own Strandberg — in this video, right here:

Talk soon,

  • Jonathan

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