Brock Douglas, Author at Breakthrough Guitar

Easily The Best Way To Learn Guitar

What is the best way to learn guitar? I’ve always been a huge fan of music. I can remember being in elementary school and getting my first toy guitar. It seemed like the most amazing thing to me at that time, but as I got older and had more access … Read more

Famous Songs In A Major

Subject: What do these songs have in common? (Plus a new backing track for you) Eric Clapton’s, Cocaine… Led Zeppelin’s, Rock And Roll… Pink Floyd’s, Time… The Beatles’, Get Back… And Ozzy Osborne’s, Crazy Train… What do every single one of these classics have in common? … … … Did … Read more

Playing Guitar Can Reduce Risks For Dementia

Playing an instrument lowers risk of common age-related brain problems. Almost everyone has wanted to strum a guitar, just once. Whether you’re in the car and hear it on the radio, or standing in the crowd of your favorite band, guitars are everywhere. But how much do we really know … Read more