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How The Pros Make It Look So Easy Even On Their Worst Nights

Would you like to know the simple strategy your favorite guitarists use to “wow” you with breath-taking solos, great songs, and amazing performances time after time… …all while making it look effortless? In just a sec, I’ll let you in on their “little secret”, and a little later I’ll explain why the … Read more

9 “Talent-Boosting” Facts Nobody Explains

Ever suspect there’s an easier way to play guitar? Chord books, scale books, song books, TAB books, theory …all those scales…all those chords… Have you ever found yourself thinking “Surely I don’t have to memorize all of that stuff! Right?” Well…you’re right. You don’t. And in fact, almost no one does. There are … Read more

Finally, the Mystery of Playing in Guitar Keys Explained

Do you secretly get uncomfortable when someone mentions “the key”? Do you find yourself struggling to find the right key to play in? If someone says “let’s play in the key of…”, could you do it? Do you want to ditch all the theory and just play guitar with feeling? … Read more

Easily The Best Way To Learn Guitar

What is the best way to learn guitar? I’ve always been a huge fan of music. I can remember being in elementary school and getting my first toy guitar. It seemed like the most amazing thing to me at that time, but as I got older and had more access … Read more

How To Master Guitar

Subject: why SOME master guitar & others don’t I know how frustrating it can be when you dedicate your time and effort into learning to master guitar, but the results just don’t seem to show. Have you ever tried learning something new & challenging, only to “give up” on it … Read more

Am I Too Old To Learn Guitar?

Subject: Is guitar a young man’s game? My honest opinion… Last week I sent a message asking for your #1 biggest guitar question… And I got a response from a fellow subscriber, Roland. His biggest question? “I’m 58. Am I too old for this?” Now, while it’s a simple “yes … Read more

Famous Songs In A Major

Subject: What do these songs have in common? (Plus a new backing track for you) Eric Clapton’s, Cocaine… Led Zeppelin’s, Rock And Roll… Pink Floyd’s, Time… The Beatles’, Get Back… And Ozzy Osborne’s, Crazy Train… What do every single one of these classics have in common? … … … Did … Read more