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How The Pros Make It Look So Easy Even On Their Worst Nights

Would you like to know the simple strategy your favorite guitarists use to “wow” you with breath-taking solos, great songs, and amazing performances time after time… …all while making it look effortless? In just a sec, I’ll let you in on their “little secret”, and a little later I’ll explain why the … Read more

9 “Talent-Boosting” Facts Nobody Explains

Ever suspect there’s an easier way to play guitar? Chord books, scale books, song books, TAB books, theory …all those scales…all those chords… Have you ever found yourself thinking “Surely I don’t have to memorize all of that stuff! Right?” Well…you’re right. You don’t. And in fact, almost no one does. There are … Read more

Finally, the Mystery of Playing in Guitar Keys Explained

Do you secretly get uncomfortable when someone mentions “the key”? Do you find yourself struggling to find the right key to play in? If someone says “let’s play in the key of…”, could you do it? Do you want to ditch all the theory and just play guitar with feeling? … Read more

What Guitar Should I Buy?

guitar to buy

This post was taken from a live Q and A session with Jonathan Boyd. How do I select a quality guitar? First of all, Joe, I’m glad you’re asking that question. That’s a great question to ask, because that’s going to allow you to play guitar a lot easier, a … Read more

3 Ways To Tackle Nervousness When Playing In Front Of Others

How To Overcome Stage Fright While Playing Guitar Performing music on stage, big or small, can be terrifying for anyone. For new musicians, knowing that all eyes are on you during a performance can be pretty scary. Shaky hands, dry mouth, even what can appear to be paralysis. This question … Read more