7 Best Ways to Learn Guitar at Home

Do you want to learn how to play guitar? Learning guitar can be fun! It may seem challenging and probably impossible at the start, right? The hassle to learn guitar is always due to the lack of the appropriate process to guide your guitar learning.

You may think that learning music theory, guitar tricks, guitar method books, or paying for a high-end guitar education is the way to learn guitar but we have a few better options. To make your study for playing guitar easy, this article will highlight the seven best ways to learn guitar.

What Are the 7 Best Ways to Learn Guitar?

Understand the basics of playing the guitar

a best way to learn guitar is to learn the basics of your first guitar

Nothing begins from the top, right? If you want to learn to play guitar, you need to understand the basics; if you choose to learn from home or go for guitar lessons through a tutor, getting the basics helps propel your guitar techniques.

There are a few basics you need to articulate for guitar sessions, such as names of your strings, parts of the guitar, setting up your guitar, holding a guitar pick, playing notes of the guitar, how to use a guitar tuner, etc.

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Get a quality guitar to learn guitar on

Get the right guitar - acoustic guitars standing on guitar stand with no guitar strap

Do you know quality is always the key despite the type of guitar you want? If you would like to learn electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, please ensure you get the best guitar as much as possible.

Therefore, when you go shopping for your guitar, ensure you consider the tone of the guitar, budget, playing hand, etc., to get the best guitar for your learning sessions.

Make sure that the guitar has been “Setup” properly. That means you have good quality guitar strings, low action, and a straightened neck. Many guitar players give up on their musical journey because their acoustic guitar or electric guitar isn’t fun to play. That can be fixed just by lowering the action of the strings.

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Create an appropriate learning environment

a best way to learn guitar is to practice your acoustic guitar in a comfortable enviroment

You don’t set up your learning process just anywhere. If you are learning guitar from home, you need to get a comfortable space that makes learning enjoyable.

Ensure that your learning room is well ventilated, with good lighting, a comfortable seat, quiet, nice aesthetics, and your guitar in a comfortable position.

When practicing guitar make sure that the space you have your practice sessions is an enjoyable space to have you practice session in. When you get into the habit of practicing regularly you’ll find yourself spending hours of practice time in the same spot. So make sure your practice sessions are in a place you enjoy being in.

Use actual songs in your guitar playing

learning songs or playing your favorite songs can help master strumming patterns or lead guitar parts

Have you ever tried to use entire songs while learning how to play guitar? This can be the best opportunity to build your skills in playing guitar. Learning one of your favorite songs can increase the enjoyment of a practice session.

Learning an actual song can help you practice chords, simple chords, basic chords, barre chords, and the more popular open chord shapes. Even though learning to play chords, notes, and scales is very important, it cannot beat the act of just learning guitar through playing an entire song.

Start by learning your basic guitar chords and the basic chord shapes. Start by learning these basic guitar chords Em, E, Am, C, A, G, D, Dm. When you learn guitar chords you will be advanced enough to play songs and start playing with other musicians or at churches.

Em Chord

Again, learning songs and then playing songs is a fast way to learn guitar and playing guitar with other musicians will help encourage you to speed up your process with active listening.

Join a group of people learning to play guitar

beginner guitarists learning guitar on their steel string acoustic guitar

Do you have friends who are going through online guitar lessons? Having friends around whom you learn to play guitar together can be a source of motivation.

Friends can help you solve challenges that you may have with playing chords, strumming patterns, guitar scales, guitar theory, or what kind of electric guitars or acoustic guitars to buy.

Don’t have any friends that want to learn guitar? We’d recommend joining an online guitar forum like the Breakthrough Guitar Forum. This is a free guitar forum for Breakthrough Guitar students and teachers that help each other progress on their guitar journey and will even upload online lessons for you to jump in to. There are weekly online guitar lessons and online learning groups over Zoom. You don’t have to be a member of our online course to join. All guitar players are welcome.

Practice regularly

female beginner guitarists sitting with guitar on bridge

When you practice regularly it can make perfect; it is true with learning guitar. If you keep playing guitar for a long time, it helps you build and improve your guitar skills. Therefore, create a practicing schedule, record yourself, try new skills, and practice around experienced friends.

If you keep practicing regularly, chances are you will be the next best guitarist in your field. Practice your strumming technique, strumming pattern, and barre chords, and don’t be afraid to stretch to play notes that may be difficult.

The more you practice your barre chords and strumming patterns the stronger your hands will be on the guitar.

Get a guitar teacher or take online guitar lessons for playing guitar

a guitar player teaching a beginner guitarist teaching a best way to learn guitar

Learning guitar on your own can be a really daunting task when trying to teach yourself guitar. Yes, you can learn guitar from friends and youtube videos but without a structured approach it could take you longer or you could lose interest.

We recommend getting a good guitar teacher when learning to play guitar. A solid instructor can help you one-on-one when teaching guitar in person. They can place your hands and finger in the proper position when you learn chords and even write out specific chord charts when learning new songs.

Although you can get a more personalized guitar learning regime in place when learning guitar there are some downsides to guitar teachers. The downside to guitar teachers is that they can be expensive. You will pay anywhere from $50-200 an hour for a quality guitar teacher.

teach yourself guitar is a best way to learn guitar - guitar player sitting in front of a laptop looking at an acoustic guitar

Our other recommendation instead of trying to teach yourself guitar is to join a quality online course. With the internet and the speed of connectivity to try and learn guitar online is easier than ever. You can even learn to play guitar from your cell phone.

No all online guitar lesson platforms are created equal. If you are just paying to learn other peoples songs you could be wasting your money. But if you want to learn how to express yourself on guitar then we recommend Breakthrough Guitar.

With the ability to learn guitar online you can learn from the best guitar players in the world from the comfort of your own.

Skip Guitar theory... Do this instead to learn and teach yourself guitar best online guitar lessons for beginners
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Getting the best online guitar lessons doesn’t have to be a struggle. We recommend our free guitar courses.

The Ultimate Lead Guitar Lightbulb Moment. It is a free guitar course that will help you discover how to play guitar by feel without endless amount of guitar scales and guitar theory. This free guitar lesson will help you play the guitar solos that are already inside of you waiting to escape.

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli said that, “most people die with their music locked up inside them.

If you are wanting to take your Rhythm Guitar playing to the next level then I’d recommend checking out our online guitar lessons called Rhythm Guitar Made Easy. This course is great for the guitar player that wants acoustic guitar lessons or just to be able to strum along with their friends.


Do you want to be a great guitar player, find the playing style for you, or just want to pick up guitar playing for fun? Then remember to start playing the right way.

Don’t worry about music theory, memorizing a few scales from that brand new guitar method book, or trying to master guitar solos on your acoustic or electric guitar. It is possible to teach yourself guitar without paying thousands in guitar lessons.

Start your guitar journey by grabbing your acoustic guitar or electric guitar and the few tips that we gave you. Most importantly have fun playing your favorite songs.

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