Often, an artist might find it challenging to move ahead with their work, feeling stuck, needing that extra boost of Inspiration. Guitarists, also being artists, might sometimes be disinterested in picking up the guitar or become stagnant and not know where to head next. This is where Inspiration might help. And for this we brought, 6 WAYS GUITARISTS CAN GET INSPIRED!

But first, what is Inspiration exactly?

Inspiration is defined as: a source of mental stimulation to feel or do something, particularly related to art.

When we get an inspiring idea or little Inspiration from anything, our brain cells are literally making new connections between them due to a phenomenon called ‘Neuroplasticity’.

Wondering how we can get more of these inspiring moments? Here are the ways.

#6, Look in nature

The most common tip you might have heard, but it works well. Many artists, from time to time, have drawn great inspiration from nature. A gentle walk in your nearby park can not only open you’re your mind up to ideas but also relax your mind. Sometimes all that is needed is to unwind and relax, and this is where, as science defines, Inspiration or great ideas can pop up due to the relaxed state of mind. Moreover, a stroll in nature might open your ears to sounds and inspire you for your following musical notes. Famous English composer from the 1800s, Edward Elgar, once said. “My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.”

#5, Indulge in other art forms

Pick up the book you’ve always wanted to read or that film you saw for the hundredth time. Being with other art forms can help you relax and become a source of teaching and Inspiration. Great art inspires, and if what you choose is good, it will do its work on you. Even better if the thing you choose is related to guitars or music.

Stay tuned as we will reveal the best tip we got and answer what Elon Musk really meant in a few minutes…

#4, Get a Goal to work towards

Picking up your guitar and playing randomly or what you already know is good, but make sure you keep growing, and for that, you need to set a goal.

Setting a goal prevents you from stagnation and keeps track of your progress. Take a proper journal or a piece of paper and plan out what you will do for the week like, ‘Learn the second pentatonic scale pattern’, ‘practice the F Major bar chord’, etc. This can keep you on track since seeing a goal in front can be inspiring, and when you achieve it, that will motivate you to keep practicing further.

#3, Make covers

Now can be a great time to stop humming your favorite new bop, pick up your guitar and make a cover of it. This got significant advantages. The song you will cover is your favorite, so the process will be enjoyable and not boring, you will learn how the experts made it up, and the most important thing is that putting your spin on any art form or music is a creative unleash on its own. So go ahead and try this out! Who knows, you might come up with something new?

#2, Keep Practising

Inspirations are good, great! But you cannot make a career or be consistent solely based on Inspiration. Don’t let your inner talent and artist die just because you don’t feel like picking up the guitar. The best way is to make a routine when you will practice your guitar lessons and then do it. Taking a day or two off is fine but be sure to make the practice your second nature before you hop onto another inspiring book or film. 

#1, Having fun

One of the essential tips. Make sure that you have fun once in a while or more often while playing your guitar so it remains fresh to you and the interest keeps burning within. Just do whatever it takes to keep it simple and fun, let it be noodling or playing in front of family or friends. Because knowing why you started playing in the first place, that is, remembering the fun you had or the love you have for the art form, will keep you inspired for a lifetime. 

Some honorable mentions – 

  • Setting Up Your Practise Room Properly
  • Ensure There Is Going to Be No Distractions
  • Play with people to get feedbacks
  • Take lessons
  • Treat yourself for achieving small feats.

I hope these tips have helped you. So go ahead, pick up your guitar and start moving those strings! 

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