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How to Mine The Guitar Playing Gold Within You

I’m going to share a secret with you. Something so obvious. So simple. So seemingly unimportant that only a tiny (but “elite”) group of people recognize it’s value.  Something that no matter what. No matter what goes wrong. No matter what gets in your way.  You’ll keep getting better and … Read more

Finally, the Mystery of Keys Explained

Do you secretly get uncomfortable when someone mentions “the key”? Do you find yourself struggling to find the right key? If someone says “let’s play in the key of…”, could you do it? Most people can’t. And contrary to popular belief – where you “start” is not the the key. … Read more

15 Creative Ways to a Lighter Guitar – Part 1

For any of us who have ever played guitar standing up for any length of time, such as in long rehearsals or live performances, we know all too well the exhausting and uncomfortable persistent feeling of a guitar strap digging into our shoulders hour after hour. With each passing moment, … Read more